LISTEN: ‘Monster’ is One of Twelve Original Songs for “Frozen: The Broadway Musical”

Disney's Frozen is taking over Broadway-- and it's bringing new elements to the storyline. The performance will have 12 new, original songs. Monster is a solo performance by Elsa (Caissie Levy) in the second and final act of the musical. It takes place right after Elsa kicks Anna out of the palace. Elsa's reflecting on herself and all... Continue Reading →


Check Out ‘Frozen the Broadway Musical’ First Official Poster (and 7 That Didn’t Make the Cut)

Four years ago, John Lasseter and company produced one of Disney's highest-grossing animated features of all time-- and it's gearing up for Broadway. Andrew Flatt, Disney Theatrical's senior Vice President for Strategy, Marketing and Revenue (long title, we know) was giving the daunting task of coming up with a promotion poster that depicts the upcoming... Continue Reading →

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