Disney Jr. Working on Animated Series for “The Rocketeer”

The Rockeeter is coming to television in 2019. Disney Jr. is working on the project based off of Dave Stevens' comic books. The animated series will follow Kit, a young girl who opens a surprise on her birthday revealing her destiny as the next Rocketeer. In the series, a Rocketeer is looked at as a legendary... Continue Reading →


Muppet Babies Return to TV this Spring with a New Muppet

It's a blast from the past with a twist. Disney Junior is bringing Muppet Babies back to television... and this time around, they're bringing a new character. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy, Gonzo, Animal and Nanny will be meeting up with Summer this time around. Summer is a penguin, specially designed for the series, hails from Antartica and... Continue Reading →

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