Trailer Shows Classic Mini-Games That Will be Playable in “Kingdom Hearts III”

As video game fans continue to wait for the third installment of Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix is giving a long at some additional features of the game. The game's new trailer shows mini-games inspired by classic Disney cartoons (yes, including Mickey and Minnie) and 19080's LCD games that will be available to play in Kingdom Hearts III.... Continue Reading →

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Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Reveals ‘Monster’s Inc.’ World; New Theme Song Announced

Video game fans have been waiting forever for Kingdom Hearts III, and while they might not have the game yet, they are getting an extended look at a new world in the sequel. The new trailer was revealed at D23 Expo Japan, showcasing Sora in a Monster's Inc. world. Gameplay footage shows Sora, Donald and Goofy in monster... Continue Reading →

Nemo, Others Coming to Disney Infinity

With Pixar's "Finding Dory" slated to be the box office sensation of 2016, Disney Interactive is also joining in on the fun. The Nemo figurine pictured below washed up on Amazon UK and Amazon Italy, essentially confirming that Finding Dory characters will be integrated into the game. Online, Nemo is packaged as a standalone character, leaving the... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is Going on a World Tour

Many gamers are still awaiting a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be announced, but I'm sure they're happy about the franchise's latest announcement-- a world tour. Disney Concerts and La Fée Sauvage have been organizing a Kingdom Hearts concert tour featuring a live orchestra. With tickets going on sale in June, the tour slated for 2017... Continue Reading →

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