Tokyo DisneySea’s Largest Expansion Ever to be Called “Fantasy Springs”; Concept Art Revealed

Oriental Land Co., majority owners of Tokyo Disney Resort, have announced "Fantasy Springs" as the name of the new theme port of Tokyo DisneySea. The project is currently set to open in 2022 and we first told you about the plans in April 2018. The Tokyo DisneySea large-scale expansion project extends Tokyo DisneySea and develops... Continue Reading →


Tokyo Disney Announces “Jamboli Mickey!” Interactive Dance Show

Tokyo Disneyland is introducing a new kids dance program: Jamboli Mickey! Starting October 14th, the new interactive entertainment offering will take place in front of Cinderella Castle with guests dancing with Mickey and friends. The lighthearted music is inspired by Mickey Mouse March. The name Jamboli Mickey! was created by putting "Jamboree" and "Mickey... Continue Reading →

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