PHOTOS: Mickey and Minnie Show Off New Overlays for 90th Birthday Celebration

There's going to be a worldwide mouse celebration. As Mickey (and Minnie) approach 90 years old, Disney Parks all around the globe are gearing up to celebrate. For the special occasion, the two mice will be rocking new white party outfits. Mickey and Minnie had a photoshoot at Shanghai Disney Resort ahead of the big... Continue Reading →


FIRST LOOM: Mickey and Minnie Rock New Overlays for 90th Birthday Celebration

90 years of Mickey Mouse is set to be celebrated all around the globe. Despite turning 90 years old in November, Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line will be partying throughout 2019. Here's a first look at what the big cheese himself and Minnie Mouse will be wearing for the big occasion. “The looks that... Continue Reading →

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